The Patient as Agent of Health and Health Care

Patient-centered care for chronic illness is founded upon the informed and activated patient, but it is not clear what this means. In The Patient as Agent, I argue that we must understand patients as subjects and agents who know and do things.


Review from Society for Participatory Medicine (Peter Elias, MD)

The Patient as Agent of Health and Health Care by Mark D Sullivan, an excellent book about the nature of patient-centered care, is not light reading, but is both informative and provocative. It is very hard to do justice to this book in a short review (which is why...

where does health come from?

“Mark Sullivan—psychiatrist, pain-specialist, and philosopher—brings a rare combination of talents to the central questions where does health come from, how is health produced, and what does being healthy mean?  His answers turn traditional ideas of health care upside...

PCC empty concept?

“The medical world is fully ‘patient-centered!’  Aside from reinforcing the ethical requirements that patients be respected, informed, and consenting agents in their care, the concept is too often minimal and empty.  Mark Sullivan is an important voice in...